Activities (Under DBT Star College Scheme)

Extension Lecture on “Superconductivity”on 12 August 2016

The resource person was Dr. AmanMahajan, AssociateProfessor at Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar.

A workshop on “Electronic Design & Testing” 19th August 2016

byEr. Robin, from Department of Electronics, KMV Jalandhar

A visit to radio station at Gorayaon 9th  Sept , 2016

Students sawthe transmitter of frequency  702KHz  and then of 893KHz. They were explained about  ATU (Antenna Tuning Unit) which is the most important part of transmission of radio waves.

“Physics Quiz” under DBT Star College Schemeon 19thSeptember 2016

hosted by Mr. Harleen Singh

Students visit to Science City  on20th September 2016

About64 students along with 4 teachers visited to various educational galleries consist of Earthquake Simulator, Flight simulator, Dome theatre, 3-D show & Climate change theatre etc. Students visited to a Space & Aviation Gallery where they watched models on aircraft & satellites, space shuttles.

 An experimental Workshop organized 15 October 2016

‘ Fun With Physics’ by Dr. Neetu Chopra & Ms. Ekta. They demonstrated some simple basic experiments of physics like types of waves, eddy currents, Archimedes principle, working of airplane, magnetic brakes etc.

Students participation in “Physpark” held at LPU on 22nd Oct, 2016

under the guidance of Mr. Harleen Singh, Assistant professor
    1. Harpreetkaur
    2. Ritika
    3. Manpreetkaur
    4. Sheetal
    5. ManpreetKaur
    6. Sandeep
    7. GagandeepKaur
    8. Jaspreetkaur
An Extension Lecture on “Nuclear Medicine”on 27th Oct 2016 by Dr.A.Pandey,

Celebration of Environmental Friendly Diwali

Department of Physics of Kanya Maha Vidyalaya organizes INSPIRE – 2016

Interns enhanced their knowledge about the subjects by watching workshops based on physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics. Students participated in various innovative competitions like Physics Quiz and Essay Writing competitions. So overall this camp proved to be a step towards the scientific and innovative minds.


for the technician staff of all science departments on 07/01/2017.This workshop was conducted by Dr. Updeshkaur (coordinator DBT, Head chemistry deptt.), Er. Robin chadha (faculty, Electronics deptt.), Mr. Harleen Singh (faculty, Physics deptt), Miss Madhvi (faculty, Biology deptt).

Fun with Science activity by students under DBT star college scheme on 21st Jan,2017

It aimed at bringing elements of fun, excitement, creativity & knowledge. There were 5 games played by students like ‘Blow Balloon’, ‘Pingpong balls’,’ Balance the CD’,’ Magnet Tracing’ & ‘Straw Hands’ and results were concluded scientifically at the end of show. The program was followed by Quiz questions asked from gathering to check their IQ level. Some questions were asked from science videos shown to students. The objective of the event was to expose the students to science through practical approach & to make the students implement the scientific facts on their own.

SCI-BRATIONS 2017 organized under DBT star college scheme on 3rd Feb. 2017

Sci-bration2017  is being organized by science faculty of KanyaMahaVidyalaya under DBT Star College Scheme. The main aim for conducting this competition is to create the scientific temper among the student community. Following events were organized.

  • Sci-On Stage Contest: Choreography (Level 1 & Level 2)
  • Sci-Colors: The Rangoli Contest (Level 1 & Level 2)
  • Sci-Creative: Poster Making Contest (Level 1 & Level 2)
  • Sci-Bhumika: The Fancy Dress Contest (Level 1 &Level 2)
  • Sci-Bauddhic: The Quiz Contest (Level 2)
  • Sci-Innovation: The Innovative Demonstrations(Level 1 and Level2 )


SCIENCE DAY HELD AT 23rd February 2017

    In science day power point presentations were given by UG science students on  the topic

  • Role of science and technology of differently able persons
  • Role of science and technology in the service of mankind

Dated: 2/03/17

Physics students visited Bhakra Dam to enhance their knowledge about the generation of electricity. They also visited another power generation house at Ganguwal near Anandpur Sahib. There they learnt basic working techniques, such as, rotation of turbines and coupling of turbine with generator and then synchronizing voltage and frequency of the electrical signal. They have also learnt how electricity is transmitted from the generation house to various power grates and then to various commercial, residential areas.

AN EDUCATIONAL VISIT OF KMV STUDENTS  TO IISER, Mohali,10th March 2017(50 students and three teachers)

A group of 50 students of  B.Sc.(Non Medical&C.Sc.) Sem IV from  KMV , visited Indian Institute of Science Education & Research (IISER) ON 10TH March 2017, Mohali to enhance their knowledge about the various innovative demonstrations of Physics concepts. Firstly they went to e –room where they watched audio- visuals regarding establishment of various IISER institutes in all over India and role of IISER, Mohali toward the national research projects. Then they visited hi-tech Physics Labs where students viewed different apparatus based on phenomena’s like  Stefan’s constant, equipotential surface, parallel plate capacitor, flux , magnetic field , SQUID apparatus and radon sampling of an A.C. source. They also visited lab having different furnaces which work at different temperature including arc furnace and also ultra low temperature lab where temperature of  helium maintained at 0.01 K.
It was a trip to the place where science, fun & learning are inseparable. It was an eye-opener trip for students about research and innovative ideas.

Extension Lecture by Deptt.of Electronics (Er. VarunSood) on 18th Feb. 2017

Department of Electronics of K.M.V. organised an extension lecture on the topic “Optical Fibre communication”. The resource person was ErVarunSood Associate Professor at Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar. In his lectures he interacted with the students of M.Sc. Physics and students of B.Sc(Electronics). He explained the communication using optical fibre in a very interesting way. He also explained how optical fibres are fabricated and used for communication processes. He gave vast knowledge about advantages using the optical fibre rather than other cables. He explained various applications of optical fibres in medicals, electronics, defence etc.



P.G. Department of Physics of K.M.V. organised an extension lecture on the topic “How to make materials with smart properties ”. The resource person was Dr. Sachin Tyagi , Scientist, Analytical Techniques Division from CSIR, Chandigarh. He interacted with the students of M.Sc. Physics & Science undergraduate students. He started the talk with classification of future materials with smart properties and explained the various levels of structure and development process. He explained different techniques to synthesis nano materials and also heat treatment process of nano materials along with the purpose and their types. In his interaction with students he explained how to develop materials with desired properties by restructuring them at atomic scales. He guided the students about the research work and told about the criteria to enter in Ph.D. Programmes and summer training course in research centre.


P.G. Department of Physics of KanyaMahaVidyalaya, The Heritage Institution, organized an event ‘Sky Gazing’ for about more than 100 science students on campus. For that Mr. Akashdeep from Science City, Kapurthala along with his team was invited to show the view of natural satellite of earth and other planets. Firstly, they gave an overview of the Universe and our Galaxy system with the help of power point presentation. They explained the formation of Universe starting from Big Bang Theory and described the formation of galaxies in a very interesting way. They opened a new window for the students to understand the various basic concepts of astronomy. They also explained the relative motion and size of earth with respect to other planets. After that students observed the surface of moon and largest planet Jupiter along with its 3 moons very clearly with the help of powerful telescope.



Achiever’s Day celebrated under DBT Star College Scheme on 29th march, 2017.Under this event 59 students of science department awarded with cash prize on the basis of university position, merit position and getting 75% and more marks in B.Sc. Also students who have participated in extra activities were also awarded basis on their performances. On this event students were also accompanied by their parents.

Eight students of B.Sc. qualified NGPE exams

B.Sc. students having physics as a subject participated in NATIONAL GRADUATE PHYSICS EXAMINATION conducted on 22nd Jan 2017. In this test more than 120 students participated.  Eight undergraduate Physics students named Gagandeep ,Minakshi Devi , KritikaArya , Aarushi , ManvinderKaur , Abha , Shaweta Sharma , Aashima Sharma   qualified  this national examination with Top 10% of merit.


Students of P.G. Department of Physics attended the short term online experimental workshop by H.C. Verma, Professor at IIT Kanpur and Ms. Amandeep of B.Sc. VI SemNon Medical , Ms. Ritika , Ms. Mandeep and Ms. Jaspreet of M.Sc. Physics Sem IV got certificate for their outstanding performance this workshop.

One Day National seminar on Recent Trends in Science and Technology was organized on 21st March,2017.

Science faculty organized one day national seminar for science students. The resource persons of the event  Dr. GurcharanKaur Prof. Head, Department of Biotechnology, delivered the inaugural address, Dr. Sachin Suresh Suroshe, Sr. Scientist, Division of Entomology,Biological Control Lab ICAR-IARI (PUSA) New Delhi on the topic Bio-pesticides- An Overview. Dr. ManojSharma Prof. Head , Dept. of Chemistry, Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar on topic Journey of Organic Chemistry, Dr. Arvind C. RanadeVigyanPrasar, Department of Science and Technology Topic: Recent Developments  in Astronomy and Astrophysics and Dr. SarojArora,Department of Botanical and Environmental Sciences.Guru Nanak DevUniversity.Amritsar conducted a workshop on Herbal Products.