Activities (Under DBT Star College Scheme)

    Department of Zoology, KMV organized Social Outreach Activity under DBT Star College Scheme in Govt. Girls Senior Secondary School, Bhogpur on 09/09/16.

      A team of 12 students accompanied by teachers visited the school and had an interactive session on “IMPORTANCE OF WATER CONSERVATION” and “NEED FOR THE MAINTAINANCE OF PERSONAL HYGIENE”. Shyamli , a student of V semester interacted with the students on the ways to conserve water in our daily lives. Simran, Kashima and Komal further elaborated on the same and also gave some helpful tips for the maintainace of PERSONAL HYGIENE. A Nukkad Natak was also presented by KMV students on the theme of “Water Pollution And Its Impact On Our Health”. On this occasion, a plantation drive was also held and many plant saplings were planted in the school campus and students were advised to take care of them regularly. In the end, Mrs. Sadhana Tandon thanked the principal and staff members for organizing the awareness activities and students for their enthusiastic participation.Dr. Atima Sharma Diwedi (Principal) congratulated the faculty and the students for their endeavour.


      RESOURCE PERSON: DR. POOJA OHRI (Asst. Prof, Deptt of Zoology, GNDU Amritsar) Dr. Pooja Ohri explained in detail about different bspecies of Animal & plant Nematodes. She also explained the harm caused to the plants due to Root Knot nematodes particularly & also methods to control them. Different management strategies were also explained.

      Educational Trip to FISHERIES DEPARTMENT at KANJALI, Kapurthala DATE: 20-09-2016

      About 50 students of B.Sc Med 2nd and 3rd year visited fish farm department and gained knowledge about the rearing/cultivation of different species of fishes (carps particularly). 3 indigenous and 3 exotic species were explained. Students were also explained the process of artificial breeding and spawning. Spawning tanks, rearing tanks, hatching tanks, brooding tanks and stock tanks were also shown to the students.

      WORKSHOP UNDER DBT STAR COLLEGE SCHEME for training of Science Laboratory attendants on 7th January 2017.

      A workshop was organised for the training of Lab attendants on the topic “ Safety Measures” The Lab attendants were made aware about the precautions to be taken while working in the lab.

        about handling chemicals
        about handling glasswares
        about handling electrical equipment
        about handling in case of fire.

      The resource person on the occasion were-

        Chemistry- De. Updesh Kaur
        Zoology- Ms. Madhvi
        Physics- Mr. Harleen

        Electronics – Mr. Robin

        Educational trip to HARIKE PATTAN(Wetland & Bird Sanctuary)
        DATE: 20-01-2016
        An Educational Trip to Harike Wetland was organised for the students of BSc medical 4th and 6th semester. They were taken to Harike Wetland to study the flora and fauna of the area. About 60 students accompanied by 3 teachers (Dr. Archana Saini , Ms. Madhvi Sekhri , Ms. Akanksha Khosla) visited the area. It is a Bird Sanctuary lying at the confluence of Beas and Sutlej.
        Water fowls
        Bean Goose
        26 species of fishes
        7 species of turtles

        Educational Trip To KALI BEIN (under DBT Star College Scheme)
        DATE: 11-03-2017
        An Educational Trip to Kali Bein  was organised for the students  of BSc medical  6th semester. About 4 students (simran , shyamli , lavleen , shaveta) accompanied by 2 teachers (Dr. Archana Saini , Mrs. Nimneet). They were taken to study the water quality and fishery status of the area. water Samples were  collected from 3 different locations for its analysis.

        Workshop And Hands On Training On Microbiological And Molecular Biology Techniques (under DBT Star College Scheme)
        Workshop and hands on training on microbiological and molecular biology techniques WAS ORGANISED BY Department of Zoology and Department of Biotechnology. Dr. Nidhi from Dept. of Biotechnology explained various microbiology techniques by powerpoint presentation to BSc Medical 6th Semester and BSc Biotech 2nd semester students. A hands on training was also given to the students for preparing culture media, streaking, antibiotic sensitivity test and DNA isolation methodology .

        Experimental Workshop On Medical Laboratory Technology (under DBT Star College Scheme)
        Experimental workshop on medical laboratory technology was organized by the Department of Zoology for the students of BSc Medical and Biotech 6th semester. Shri Paramjit from Sigma Diagnostic Lab, Gave hands on training on various Lab Tests- like Venus Blood collection, AFB stain and various blood biochemical tests along with urine and sputum tests. Thereafter students performed these tests voluntarily.

        National Seminar on “Recent Trends in Science and Technology” (under DBT Star College Scheme)
        National Seminar on “Recent Trends in Science and Technology” was organized by Science Faculty under DBT Star College Scheme. All the eminent speakers and delegates from various institutions enlightened us with various recent trends in science and technology which are quite imperative. Dr. Atima Sharma Diwedi (Principal) congratulated the faculty and the students for their endeavour.



        Resource Person




        Dr. Gurcharan Mam

        Prof. Head, Dept. of Biotechnology, GNDU, Amritsar

        “Recent advances in Medical Biotechnology”


        Dr. Sachin Suresh Soroshe

        Sr. Scientist, Division of Entomology, Biological Control Lamp, ICAR, IARI(PUSA), New Delhi

        “overview on Biopesticides and Entomopathogenic Nematodes”


        Dr. Manoj Sharma

        Prof. Head, Dept. of Chemistry, GNDU, Amritsar

        “Journey of Organic Chemistry”


        Dr. Arvind C. Ranade

        Vigyan Prasar, Dept. of Science and Technology

        “Recent Advances and development in Astronomy and Astrophysics”


        Dr. Saroj Arora

        Prof. Head, Dept. of Botanical and Environmental Sciences, GNDU, Amritsar

        “importance of Herbal Products”










        Sci-Bration (under DBT Star College Scheme)
        Science faculty of Kanya Maha Vidyalaya, Jalandhar organised an intercollege Competition SciBration in which 11 Teams from different schools and colleges participated in different events viz. Sci-On stage Contest (Choreography), Sci-Color (Rangoli), Sci-Creative (Poster Making), Sci-Bhumika (Fancy Dress), Sci-Innovation(Scientific Demonstration) and Sci-Bauddhic (Quiz).

        Science Day Celebration (under DBT Star College Scheme)

        Powerpoint  presentation on the theme “Science and Technology for specially abled persons” was organised in order to commemorate National Science Day. Presentations exhibited various equipments which were invented and designed by the scientists for the usage by specially abled persons and these had altogether changed their lives thus making their life comfortable and meaningful.


        Interdisciplinary powerpoint competition (under DBT Star College Scheme)
        The objective of this event was to explore the talent of young minds and to boost up their self confidence along with furtherance in presentation skills on globally burning topics on physics,chemistry,biology and biotechnology like Zika Virus,Sustainable Chemistry,Recent Advances in ISRO,Biofuels and many more.


        Achievers Day Celebration (under DBT Star College Scheme)
        The Science faculty of Kanya Maha Vidyalaya organized “Science Achiever’s Day”     under DBT Star College Scheme to applaud the meritorious students for their diligent efforts in academics and extra curricular activities.