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Consultancy Policy Guidelines

K.M.V Jalandhar with an objective to formulate a consultancy policy here by notifies the guidelines.

The objective of these guidelines is to formulate a consultancy policy of the college.

Consultancy for the purpose of the policy needs an assignment or a job for providing expert advice: problem solving, targeted training, for consideration of a field

In the light of the changing global economic  scenario and the college encourages and promotes faculties to take consultancy assignments in addition to the teaching and research work as this forms of activity enhances external profiles of the college, engagement to the community and creates mutually beneficial opportunities for collaborative research and consultancy services. The consultancy enriches and broadens the professional experience and knowledge of the students and thus makes them better learners in additions it also functions as a tool for contributing to the economic growth.

General Principles:

  1. Consultancy work may be taken in the area of the expertise of the faculty members.
  2.  Consultancy services will be undertaken only with the prior permission of the principal
  3. It should not interfere with the performance o the primary duties by the individual.
  4. Consultancy should not be in conflict with the interest of the college.
  5. Failure to disclose or obtain formal approval for consultancy shall be regarded as a disciplinary action.
  6. Entre income from the consultancy will go to the college

A separate account for each consult assignment shall be maintained by the accounts department under the following heads.

  1. Total money received
  2. Net contacted amount
  3. Total expenditure
  4. Balance amount

Actual expenditure should cover the following cases related to the consultancy.

  1. Consumable material
  2. Expenditure towards travel and stay in connection with consultancy
  3. Consultancy expenses to cover cost of supply
  4. Stationary
  5. Any other cost should be conceded appropriate.