English Studies across and beyond Borders


Sub Themes:
•       Innovations in the Teaching of English Language/ Literature
•       New Varieties of English
•       Migrant/ Expatriate Experiences in English Literature
•       Glocalization and Globalization of English
•       Cross Cultural Nuances in English Language and Literature
•       Issues and Concerns in Translated Literature in English
•       Handling Multi-Lingual and Multi-Cultural English Language/ Literature Classes
•       Teaching English: Classroom and Beyond
•       English Literature and Film Making
•       New Literatures in English
•       Gender Dynamics in English Literature
•       Teaching English Language through English Literature
•       Shifting Paradigms in Post-colonial Literature and Theory
•       Changing Face of English in Media and Journalism
•       Language, Literature, Culture and Identity
•       Business World and Communication Skills in English
•       Contemporary Perspectives on Various Literary Theories
•       English Literature vis-a-vis Visual and Performing Arts
•       English for Publication
•       Non-blind Review
•       Intercultural Communication
•       English for STEM Education
•       English Language and Literature across other Disciplines viz Psychology/ Sociology/ History, etc.
•       Developing Academic Literacy
•       English for Lifelong Learning
•       Any Other Topic Related to the Main Theme