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Scholarships and Concessions to Meritorious / Sports / Needy Students

Liberal Concessions and incentives are available to deserving students in academic, sports and extra-curricular fields. The Scholarship committee decides the concessions and incentives to be given after verification of the records of the candidates. The decision of the principal is final.
  1. Scholarships/ Concessions for Meritorious Students For 1st Year students (BA/B.Sc/B.Com/BBA) (On the basis of Marks in 10+2 Exam in any board)


Marks Concession 95% and above Full Freeship (only compulsory charges) 90%-94.9% Rs. 11000/- concession annually 86%-89.9% Rs. 6500/- concession annually 80%- 85.9% Rs. 4500/- concession annually
  • Saraswati Devi Gold Medal with a cash prize of Rs. 1000/- donated by Late. Sh. Surinder Nath, Ex-Governor, Punjab.
  • Sh. Virendra Ji Award donated by Sh. Chander Mohan( Rs. 1000/- + a medal to two best students in extra-curricular activities)
  • Smt. Raj Lakshmi Virendra Ji award donated by Sh. Chander Mohan ( Rs. 1000/- + a Trophy to two best students in extra curricular activities)
  • Melvin John stipend of Rs. 1100/-
  • Dhruv Kumar Sehgal stipend of Rs. 5500/-
  • Dr. Vidyawati Memorial Award donated by Sh. R. C. Singh (Rs. 1000/- + a Trophy to the student best in studies as well as extracurricular activities)
  • Smt. Savitri Devi Loomba stipend of Rs. 2200/-
  • Two Sh. Satish Loomba Awards (Rs. 500/- + a trophy each to the students best in Humanities and Commerce groups respectively)
  • Two Prem Loomba Awards (Rs. 400/- + a trophy each to the students best in Science group and Computer studies respectively)
  • Ram Pyari Shastri Award to the student getting maximum marks in Sanskrit (Trophy)
  • Six Shakuntala Loomba Awards of Rs. 500/- each to the best hostel students for social service (Trophy+Cash)
  • Sarla Devi Sud Charitable Trust Award of Rs. 1000/-
  • Awards from Balbir Raj Sondhi and Raj Mohini Sondhi Family Charitable Trust to the students getting First, Second and Third positions in the University and Board Examinations. Free books are also given to needy students by the same Trust
  • Two Dr. Shashi Jain Memorial Cash Prizes of Rs. 2500/- each to the best students in Psychology (Trophy+Cash)
  • Smt. Bimla Yog Prakash Cash Award of Rs. 1100/- for excellence in Science (Trophy+Cash)
  • Sh. Rahul Dev Sharma Memorial Award of Rs. 2000/- for excellence in Commerce (Trophy+Cash)
  • Mrs. Mohinder Kaur Randhawa Memorial Award for Excellence in computers to the I.T. students securing first four merit positions in GNDU exams (Trophy+Cash)
  • Pt. Shadi Ram Joshi scholarship of Rs. 5000/-
  • Pt. Mool Raj Sharma scholarship of Rs. 2500/-
  • Ms. K. Pasricha scholarship
  • Sh. Ramesh Chander Sharma Award for All Round Best Student of theYear (Trophy+Cash)
  • Satish & Usha Kapila Award for Best Speaker (Trophy+Cash)
  • Dr. Kesar Singh Memorial Award for Best student of B.A.(Hons. School in English) (Trophy+Cash)
  • Prof. Dilbagh Singh Gill Award for Best Student in Maths (Trophy+Cash)
  • In addition to above-donated awards and medals, a number of cash awards from the college fund are also given to outstanding students in different fields :
    • Students placed in the merit list of University/Board Examination are honoured with medals/trophies.
    • Students standing first in the University Examinations are granted full freeship and honoured during Prize Distribution Function.