College Rules


Each student is issued an identity card at the commencement of the session. it is mandatory of the students to carry their identity cards while in college. If a student loses this card, she can get another made immediately from the office. The students should read the rules mentioned in the identity card and adhere to them.


Monday morning assembly is a regular and important feature of the college. On Mondays, the national flag is hoisted and national songs are sung.


The Principal may drop a student, who is habitually irregular in attendance and is negligent in studies, from the rolls of the college at any time during the term. If a student absents herself from the college for ten or more days continuously without applying for leave, her name may be struck off the college rolls. She may be re-admitted on payment of re-admission fee along with absence fine for all the days of her absence. If the name of the student is struck off from the college, her lectures shall not be counted till she is re-admitted.


Students should be regular in attending classes. If a student falls short of attendance, she cannot sit for the University Examination. Condoning of lectures in case of sickness or any other convincing reason is at the discretion of the Principal.


  1. A student should apply for leave when it is absolutely necessary. She should secure it personally before it is availed of except in case of illness, when leave application with a medical certificate must be submitted immediately on return to the college.
  2. Leave should be applied on printed form to be obtained from the college general store. It should be countersigned by the father / guardian of the student or by the hostel warden in case of boarders.
  3. Leave preceding or following long vacation or for days when special functions are held will be granted only by the Principal.
  4. A student who wishes to withdraw from the college or hostel rolls must do so formally in writing. A letter from father or guardian must accompany such an application. The student has to pay all the dues till the date her name is formally withdrawn.


To assess the progress of the students, House Examinations are held during the year.
  1. A student absenting herself from the examination shall be fined and also detained from taking University Examination.
  2. Students of T.D.C. I, II and III classes must obtain atleast 25% marks in aggregate in the Examination.
  3. For M.A. Part I and II students, 25% marks shall be allotted for seminars which will include at least five assignments. Only those students who obtain either at least 25% marks in written and seminars respectively
    or at least 33% marks in aggregate can be sent up for University Examination.
  4. Exemption from an examination on account of illness or any other special reason must be secured personally from the Principal well in time. In case a student falls ill during examination days, leave application supported by medical certificate should be submitted to the Principal immediately. No leave application will be entertained after the examination is over.
  5. Absence or leave from an examination for whatever reason means nil result and may lead to detention at student's risk.
  6. In case of practical subjects, theory and practical are considered as two separate subjects. For M.A. students, each paper will be considered as an individual subject.
  7. A student found guilty of unfair means during an exam will be awarded deterrent punishment, which may even take the form of expulsion from the college or disqualification from the University exam.
  8. Students getting top positions in their respective classes and in individual subjects will be awarded prizes/certificates of merit.


To earn eligibility for appearing in the University Examination, a student must attend at least 75% of the lectures delivered in each subject. Lectures in text and composition, theory and practical will be counted separately.


If a student does not clear the conditions laid down by the University for appearing in the final examination on the basis of house examination / attendance, she is liable to lose a year. She cannot appear in the capacity of a private candidate without special permission.


  1. Library remains open from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. except on Sundays and holidays.
  2. A student who loses, defaces or otherwise damages a book shall have to pay the full cost of the book. Students are advised to carefully check the books before getting them issued.
  3. Absence from college will not be accepted as an excuse for not returning the books on due dates.
  4. Students will not take cuttings from library books, newspapers or periodicals.
  5. Students should deposit their personal books, purses etc. with the peon before entering the library.