Vocational Courses

Avocational Courses


Foundation Course

Designed especially for the new entrants, this course serves as a bridge between high school and higher education & aims at strengthening their intellectual foundation by providing them a wide view of world issues, international scenario & human history.


Certificate Programme in Moral Education

This course is intended to provide a much-needed orientational input in moral education to the young inquiring minds in order to facilitate the development of a holistic perspective, among students, towards life and profession as well as towards happiness and prosperity based on a correct understanding of the human situation.


Certificate Course in Personality Development

This three week course with a 45 minutes class daily is a golden opportunity for the under graduates to chisel their personality so that when they walk out with a degree they are also ready to face the world with confidence, grace and a winning edge.


Certificate Course in Gandhian Thought and Philosophy

This is a three-month part-time course with classes being held twice a week. It is offered free-of-cost to the undergraduate students and acquaints them with the Gandhian philosophy and its relevance in the present day world alongwith encouraging them to search for Gandhian alternatives to modern challenges.


Certificate Course in Self Defense Techniques

This is a one week course being offered under the aegis of Women Studies Centre with experts in the field of Karate and martial arts as trainers. The training module is aimed at making the girls capable of defending themselves should the situation so arise and instilling in them confidence and self-assurance Nominal fee is charged for this from the students.


Certificate Course in Yoga & Wellness

Aiming towards the holistic development of the students, this course, conducted under the supervision of internationally reputed mentors, covers aspects like yogasanas, pranayam, meditation, yogic detox, yogic diet and cures through home remedies.