Department of Bio-Technology

Year of Establishment  2005

Amalgamation of biology and technology is biotechnology, a fast growing and evolving field in science. Biotechnology scenario in the world is changing rapidly and dynamically. To prepare the students for this competitive field of science, the curriculum and syllabi is crafted to impart current advancement and understanding about biotechnology along with basic knowledge about research and thus, provide about a substantial basic foundation of biotechnology in our students. The department constantly provides the latest developments in the fields of agricluture biotechnology, bio-pharmaceutical, drug discovery, healthcare, diagnostic, therapeutic, plant and animal sciences, and environmental sectors along with the core subjects.


Courses offered

One programme i.e. BSc Biotechnology is available in the institution. After completing this program students can move to different universities of native and other countries for the masters programme. They can be placed in good Biotechnology industries, Pharamaceutical companies, Breweries, healthcare firms etc.

 Undergraduate Programme
B.Sc. Biotechnology is exclusively focused in bridging bio-sciences and Technology. Multiple paths have been embedded in the design of the curriculum and created a flexible educational experience comprising biosciences credentials like microbiology and immunology, biochemistry, molecular biology & genetic engineering, plant and animal cell & tissue culture, Bioinformatics, skill development in Biotechnology and bioprocess engineering subjects etc. The highlight of the syllabus is the practical knowledge that students gain through in-plant training, projects and educational tours. Our faculty are also involved in teaching BSc Agriculture courses and BSc Home Science courses.

Teaching Faculty

  1. Mrs. Navgeet (Assistant Professor & Head )
  2. Dr. Gurpreet Kaur Grewal (Assistant Professor )
  3. Ms. Latika Khosla (Assistant Professor )
  4. Ms. Navita Salaria(Assistant Professor )


The departmental laboratories are equipped with a number of costly instruments including laminar air flow, UV-transilluinator, Gel Documentation system, Distillation unit, Incubators, Horizontal deep freezer, Ultracentrifuge, Weighing Balance, Inverted microscope, Culture room etc.


After completing this course students will be able to work in the biotechnology industry in the areas of Research & Development in Vaccine production, Biofertilizers production, clinical testing, and diagnostic work. Potential employers include biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, as well as laboratories in hospitals, government, universities, horticultural industries, conservation organizations, Beverages industry, agricultural industry and many more.


Department of Biotechnology involve the students in number of activities for the upgradation in their knowledge both on theoretical and practical level such as

Research Projects:

Students are indulged in various interdisciplinary small research projects to enhance their research aptitude to peaks.

List of Meritorious Students

Students of Department of Biotechnology always attain merit positions in university results. Recently Jasmine, Harmanjeet and Divyanshi attained 1st, 2nd and 17th positions in University results of BSc Biotechnology Semester-II. Moreover, Lipakshi and Dilpreet bagged 5th and 9th positions in University results of BSc Biotechnology Semester-IV.



The faculty is having good research experience as they acquire publications in reputed journals.

Departmental activities:

  1. Industrial training e.g at Verka Milk Plant, Jalandhar
  2. Training at CSIR-IHBT, Palampur
  3. Educational Visit at eminent research institutes like ICAR-CIPHET



Poster Making Competition.

Poster Making Competition

Teacher’s day celebration

Teacher’s day celebration