Department of ECA

The department of Extra Curricular Activities at KMV strives to excel in striking a balance between syllabus, curriculum, books and co-curricular activities beyond them, envisioning to enhance the complete personality of the students to strongly face the testing road of the future. Extra Curricular activities are defined as activities which are not a compulsory component of academic curriculum but an integral part of wholesome educational environment. Kanya Maha Vidyalaya plays an pivotal role in channelizing the dormant energy of its students into the fruitful direction of personality development through extra- curricular activities. The department of ECA at KMV is brimming with activities throughout the year. The department charts Annual Programme Planner every year and finalises various projects to be undertaken which directly benefit students, society and the nation. Students participate in many cultural programmes and competitions like Essay writing, Quiz, Story writing, poetry, singing, dancing, acting , painting, modelling, mobile Quiz, Debate ,Elocution, slogan writing and poster-making and many more. They also celebrate important days of national and international importance. The students in collaboration with various NGO’s like Rotary, Jaycees, Lions, Pahal, Arrive Safe and Goonj, organise many events like Tree Plantation, Blood Donation, Traffic awareness seminars, female foeticide awareness rallies, Say No to drugs campaign to name a few. The students actively prepare and participate in items for Zonal, Inter- Zonal, North Zone and Intervarsity Youth Festivals. These activities positively impact students' emotional, intellectual, social, and inter-personal - development. They encourage interactions that are essential for building a strong civil society. Each activity offers students an opportunity to work with others and gain essential life skills. By working together with other individuals, students learn to negotiate, communicate, manage conflict and lead others. They understand the importance of critical thinking time management and academic and intellectual competence. Involvement on co- academic activities helps students mature socially by providing a setting for student interaction, relationship formation and discussion. Primarily, the intention is to make the ‘scholar’ students become fit and ready for the challenges in future life and develop a sense of healthy competition, cooperation, enhance leadership qualities, diligence, punctuality, team spirit and try to augment the latent creative talents and skills which promote values of courtesy, mutual respect and tolerance.