Hostel - Accommodation

Hostel- An Extension Centre Of Academic Activity

Founded in I886, KMV boarding house, 'Kanya Ashram', as it was popularly called, is situated within the precincts of the college. The hostel building consists of four hostel wings- Savitri Bhawan, Rai Bahadur Badri Das Hostel, Saraswati Bhawan and New Hostel. Located in lush green and eco-friendly surroundings, the hostel has a provision of accommodation for about 800 girl students.

Aiming at all-round personality development, our mission is to develop right skills, positive attitude, leadership qualities along with a sense of discipline, dedication to duty and commitment in every student. In pursuit of excellence in all spheres of human activity, hostel life provides the boarders umpteen opportunities to enjoy not only a sense of togetherness but to become awakened and empowered individuals so that they may actively respond to the momentous issues of society and socio- political environment of the world. Life in KMV hostel invites the boarders to enjoy their sojourn in a home away from home in the most fruitful and truly memorable way.

Accommodation- A Cradle Of Intellect, Creativity, Culture And Sports

Reputed for its intellectual vigour and homely ambience, KMV hostel offers elaborate arrangements to provide academically conducive, economically affordable accommodation with closely monitored/ guarded security system. Furnished with state-of-the-art infrastructure, the Institution provides all modern amenities to the boarders such as water coolers, solar system, T.V, LCD Projector, newspapers. Spacious and airy rooms are fitted with a ceiling fan and a tube light each. In order to ensure pure, uncontaminated and uninterrupted water supply, filters and purifiers have been installed. Whitewashing of rooms and cleaning of lavatories is a regular feature to maintain proper cleanliness and hygienic conditions. Sprawling playgrounds within the campus for the daily practice of our budding sports stars is another feature in our endeavour to facilitate life in the hostel. Personal attention and care is given by the Principal and the staff with frequent visits to the hostel to ensure an atmosphere of mutual adjustability and emotional security conducive for personality development of the resident scholars.

To foster moral values and a sense of respect for our culture among the boarders, prayer meetings are held in the evenings. Havan is also performed in Yagyashala every Sunday besides other important festive days.

An association of boarders offers a host of opportunities to the inmates to explore and chisel their latent talents in co-curricular activities through various cultural programmes and competitions organised from time to time. All major festivals and annual functions like Golden Night and Silver Night are celebrated with gusto. One day excursions are an all-time favourite feature with the residents. As an institution, we at KMV are fully conscious of our role and responsibility in guiding our youth and channelizing their bubbling energies in positive direction. We are committed to provide an invigorating ambience of academic fiesta and cultural ethos with emotional warmth and physical comfort to our young scholars. The desired end, however, without the co-operation of parents and guardians is not possible to achieve. Therefore parents are requested to keep in touch with the authorities - the Principal and the Hostel Warden and keep themselves informed of the conduct and progress of their wards in the college as well as in the hostel.