Hostel Rules

  1. Attendance at the prayer meeting is compulsory for all the boarders.
  2. Study hours (9.00pm to 11.00 pm) should be observed strictly.
  3. Each boarder will be responsible for the safe custody of the furniture (a chair, a table and a hard bed) issued to her.
  4. Tampering with electric and sanitary installations is strictly prohibited.
  5. The residents are not permitted to use any personal electric appliance.
  6. The residents are advised not to keep cash or costly jewellery in the hostel. Any loss suffered by them will be their own responsibility. They may open an account with Punjab National Bank situated in the college premises.
  7. A resident will be issued a hostel record book to maintain a complete record of her outings, her conduct in the hostel and her progress in the college. She has to keep her record book with her and if it gets lost, she will not be allowed to go out for one complete term.
  8. No student will absent herself from a class without the permission of the hostel warden. In case a student is found doing so repeatedly, her parents shall be informed about the negligence in studies by their ward.
  9. Hostel fees once paid will not be refunded.
  10. Allotment of rooms is done by the warden in consultation with the Principal. If required, a boarder can get her room changed within 15 days of allotment.
  11. A boarder may be expelled from the hostel if she stays away from the hostel without the prior permission of the authorities or is found guilty of misconduct.
  12. Except for autumn and winter breaks, no reduction is made in the mess charges if a resident stays away for less than a fortnight at a stretch. In case of leave for more than 15 days, a boarder must get an application signed from the Principal for reduction in the mess charges.
  13. Meals will be served in the dining room only. Food cannot be taken to the rooms.
  14. A boarder must observe meal timings. Meals will not be served before or after the fixed hours.
  15. Day scholars are not allowed to visit the hostel.
  16. If any resident scholar entertains a day scholar or a guest without permission, strict disciplinary action will be taken against her and the day scholar will be fined.
  17. Residents must read the notices put up on the hostel notice board daily.
  18. The Principal /Members of the hostel committee will inspect the hostel frequently.
  19. A boarder may be asked to leave the hostel if her hostel fee is pending for more than a month.
  20. Lights and fans should be switched off when not in use.
  21. No boarder can become a day scholar for more than a week in a term.
  22. The boarders are expected to dress up modestly and simply. (Parents are requested to guide their wards in this regard.)
  23. Ignorance of rules will not be accepted as an excuse for their non - observance.
  24. In case of any misuse or usage of the cell phone for purposes other than the genuine, the college authorities shall not be responsible in any manner what so ever and for any consequences that may occur due to such misuse of the cell phone.
  25. Playing cards is prohibited.
  26. A student is not allowed to see the hostel officials at residence. All official business will be transacted in the office during the fixed hours.
  27. All the letters of the boarders will be censored by the Principal / Warden. Serious action will be taken against a boarder who posts or receives letters through sources other than the warden.