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Saplings of life club

Saplings of life club working under the aegis of department of student welfare¬† was established on November 25, 2008. KMV’s sapling of life club is single- mindedly dedicated to the cause of preservation of environment . It consists of a volunteer group of students and teachers which, promotes participation of students in learning about and working towards the conservation and sustainability of the environment.

The objectives of the club :

  • To raise awareness among students so that they can understand environmental issues.
  • To instill a sense of responsibility for the environment and a personal commitment to protect and preserve it.
  • To educate and inculcate an appreciation and interest in the environment.

Along with this students are relentlessly at work to spread awareness regarding the issues of pertinence like:

  • Clean and green campus
  • Polythene free campus- charts and banners are displayed throughout the campus to restrict the use of polythene.
  • Nurturing of the trees already planted by the students is a regular practice at KMV. Students take keen interest in nurturing and grooming the saplings planted by them and other students.
  • Waste Segregation-Separate dustbins are kept in the campus for segregation of waste at the source.


Under this club, we perform meaningful activities which can bring environment awareness in students and motivate them to act as responsible citizens. Many activities are organized throughout the year to make a humble contribution to the environment.