P.G. Department of Music & Dance

Year of Establishment  1886

Courses offered

  • BA I,II,III (Music Vocal,Music Instrumental & Indian Classical Dance as Elective Subjects)
  • B.A. with Elective English as a subject
  • MA(Music Vocal)
  • MA(Music Instrumental)

Teaching Faculty

  1. Dr. Neelam Bala Assistant Professor
  2. & Head
  3. Ms. Neeru Bhati Associate Professor
  4. Mrs.Poonam Sharma Assistant Professor
  5. Ms. Daler Kaur Assistant Professor
  6. Mrs. Ritu Bhardwaj Lecturer
  7. Ms. Anu Bala Lecturer
  8. Neha Bhari Lecturer

Strengths of Department

  • Well equipped & furnished 7 music rooms
  • Well equipped & furnished 2 dance rooms
  • Classical Music Instruments-More than 250
  • Folk Instruments-More than 80
  • Runing two Music Clubs

1. Pranav Naad (Young Musicians Club)
Under this Club, Seminars and performances are organized by the students and for the students.

2. Sur Sangam (Faculty Activity Club)
Different kind of activities like Poetical Recitation,Singing,Iinst.Music,Discussions and Outdoor visits are organized by the club for all the faculty members.

Dr.Neelem Bala Mahendru submitted UGC granted Minor Research project in 2008.


  • Dr.Pankaj Mala Sharma(HOD)Dept. of Music, PU,Chandigarh.
  • Dr.Amita Mishra (HOD) Dept.of Music, APJ College of Fine Arts,Jalandhar.
  • Dr.Kamaljit Kaur (HOD) Dept. of Music, KMV, Jalandhar.
  • Ms.Sukhraj Kaur (HOD) Dept of Music, LKC for women, Jalandhar.
  • Ms.Madhu Sethi (HOD) Dept.of Music, Hindu Kanya College, Kapurthala.
  • Dr.Geeta Dutt (HOD) Dept.of Inst.Music ,APJ College of Fine Arts, Jalandhar.
  • Dr.Gauri (HOD) Dept of Music, Nwansheher.
  • Ms.Vanita(Asst.Prof) Dept.of Inst.Music, Punjabi Univ., Patiala.
  • Ms.Amrit Prabha (Performing Artist) Inter Natinal Tabla Player
  • Ms.Nalini Roy (Asst.Prof) Dept. of Music, Hamirpur,HP
  • Ms.Neeru Bhatia(Asst.Prof) Dept. of Music, KMV, Jal
  • Ms.Seema Chadda (Asst.Prof) Dept. of Music DAV, Hoshiarpur.
  • Ms.Poonam Sharma (Asst.Prof) Dept. of Music KMV, Jalandhar.
  • Ms.Reena Hans(Asst.Prof) Dept. of Music, DAV College, Jalandhar
  • Ms.Anupam (Asst.Prof) Dept. of Music, DAV College, Jalandhar
  • Ms.Pooja (Asst.Prof) Dept. of Music KMV, Jalandhar
  • Ms.Heena Jain (Asst.Prof) Dept. of English, KMV, Jalandhar
  • Ms.Jharna (Music Teacher)
  • Ms.Sapna (Music Teacher)
  • Ms.Tripta(Music Teacher)
  • Ms.Komal Jyoti (Music Teacher)
  • Ms.Kiran (Music Teacher)
  • Ms.Rajwinder (Music Teacher)
  • Ms.Deepika (Music Teacher)
  • Ms.Samita (Music Teacher)

Mrs.Poonam Sharma, Assistant Professor (Vocal Music) attended International Conference at Lahore(Pakistan) in2007.