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Objectives of Beautification Committee

A well maintained college campus provides a safe and attractive learning environment for the students. The beautification introduces architectural, artistic & landscaping features in the college campus.


  • The educational objective of the beautification is to provide opportunities to the students to learn about the college history, environment and biodiversity of plants as well
  • By taking initiatives in these projects, students play leadership roles and take responsibility in the planning and execution of the beautification plans. This participation can instill a sense of pride and ownership in the students for their institution
  • Working with peersĀ  and planning with them provides personal development opportunities
  • Plantation of new trees, shrubs & flowers help to create a clean and attractive learning environment and connects the students directly to the earth increasing their environmental awareness

Office Bearers

1. Mrs. Sadhana Tandon

2. Dr. Manju

3. Dr. Archana

4. Mrs.Shikha Vashista

5. Mrs.Deepika Vashista