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School of Personality Development


Centre for Leadership Development & Life-long Learning has been established for the holistic growth of KMV students. Focused on the challenges of professional world today and into the future, the classes and programs offered at the Centre help the students develop personally and professionally. It aims at bringing together learning across the spectrum and preparing the students to continue and evolve their lives & careers in a constantly changing workplace. The mission of the Centre, the first of its kind in this region, is to enable the students to be
distinctively KMVites and to emerge victorious in whatever endeavour of life they may take up.

The Center engages the students in creating and sustaining a cohesive culture of lifelong leadership development, training and education. With Personality Development as its flagship programme, it empowers students to become leaders by facilitating opportunities for purposeful learning, self-reflection and skill development. We believe in developing authentic, visionary, goal-driven, action-oriented and resilient student leaders who exhibit an awareness of self and others. The endeavour is to empower a community of student leaders to inspire them for positive change through multi-disciplinary dialogue and action.

Programmes offered at the Centre

* Personality Development
* Yoga & Wellness
* Self Defense Training

* Health & Physical Fitness
* Motivational Talks