Principal's Message

Principal Dear Young students !
Evolution towards the genesis of higher goals is the natural way to Excellence. The drive for Excellence knows no limitations, no boundaries. Kanya Maha Vidyalaya, with a very rich legacy of 132 years is all poised to embark on a journey towards higher goals and destinations. The internal strength of the institution propels us towards this Evolution. Let us take the call, for posterity calls for it! Excellence without Soul is impasse. It has to have the synergy of the Truth, the Good and the Beautiful. While striving for Excellence in academics, we at KMV, very consciously and carefully instill human values and compassion in all our work. We aim to develop a culture of progressive Excellence-with the core values of human good. As you browse through the Prospectus and our website, you will realize that we equip you with knowledge and competencies not only for employment but also for life. We have a distinct campus atmosphere and ethos that facilitates your learning, growth, development and character formation. Our specially and carefully designed programs for student development are unique and help our students to excel in all aspects of their personality. We also pride in a culture of personal care given to each student on the campus. Mentoring programs, together with Foundation program for new entrants, School of Personality Development, School of Competitive Exams, School of Communications and School of Leadership, Lifelong Learning and our International collaborations and tie-ups are some major programs which are developing our students to realize their full potential. We work with a mission to create Tomorrow Today. Progressive, futuristic and thriving learning environment of the campus, together with highly motivated Faculty will offer you an ideal college experience. You become a part of a well respected and strong community of KMV once you join this institution for your education. Generations of successful women settled all over the world have trusted us for the formation of their lives. I invite young dynamic students to come and join us, while we embark on a still more exciting academic journey of this iconic institution in the new session!

Prof. (Dr.) Atima Sharma Dwivedi