Sr. No. Name of Teachers Title Amount (Rs.)
1. Dr. Sangeeta Prashar
Dept.of Physics
Tailoring the conducting properties of SHI irradiated polyanaline metal halide composites 3,oo,ooo/-
2. Dr. Rupika Dept.of Hindi Punjab ki Hindi patarkartia: Vividh aayam 1, 80,000/-
3. Mrs. Mohini Sharda
Dept. of English
Ben Jonson's Theory and Practice of comedy - A Deconstructionist Perspective 25000-00
4. Mrs. Seema Jyoti
Dept. of Commerce
Performance evaluation of Non Banking Finance Companies 80,000-00
5. Ms. Manan Sachdeva
Dept. of Fine Arts
"B.C. Sanyal-Life and works" 35,000.00
6. Ms. Neeraj Maini
Dept. of Commerce
"Information needs of Investors" 40,000.00
7. Mrs. Suman Khurana
Dept. of Computer Sc.
"Internet use by college teachers" 40,000.00
8. Mrs. Harpreet Kaur
Dept. of Punjabi
Drama : Changing Scenario of Woman(Punjabi Natak-Istrai De Badlte Roop) 30,000.00
9. Mrs. Amanpreet Khurana
Dept. of Economics
VAT : Issues and Concerns A study in Punjab 35,000.00
10. Mrs. Neelam Bala
Dept. of Music
Sangeet aur Sanskriti 'Mulyankan' 1,00,000.00
11. Mrs. Sabina Batra
Dept. of Commerce
Dematerialisation in India A study of investors perceptions 45,000.00
12. Mrs. Rituparna Datta Roy
Dept. of English
Thomas Hardy's Delineation of A 'Feminist' Woman : Sue Bridehead' 30,000.00
13. Mrs. Rashmi Sharma
Dept. of Commerce
Business Process outsourcing :: Impact on Indian economy 25,000.00
14. Dr. Monica Sharma
Dept. of History
"Human Rights Violation in Leather Industry" 80,000-00
15. Dr. (Mrs.)Vinod Kalra
Dept. of Hindi
Bhartiya Uchh Adhian Sansthan Shimla Mein Amntrit Sahityakaro Ka Hindi Sahitya Ko Awdaan 55,000.00
16. Dr. Jatinder Pal
Dept. of Economics
Monetary Transmission Mechanism in India Evidence from Firm Level Data 60,000.00
17. Sh.Sonik Bhatia
Dept. of Physics
Characterization of undoped and doped Zinc oxide films prepared by different techniques 1,00,000.00
18. Dr.(Mrs.) Neeraj Sharma
Dept. of Sanskrit
'Abhiraj Rajendra Praneet Sanskrit Kathasahitya : Ek Samikashtmak Adhyayan' 60,000.00
19. Mrs. Neetu Chopra
Dept. of Physics
'Gamma Irradiation Effect on Alkali Boarate Glasses for Shielding : and Reactor Applications : Structural Optical and Physical Analysis' 1,90,000.00
20. Mrs. Parminder Kaur
Dept. of Physics
'Optical and Physical Characterization of Glass Ceramic Composities' 1,00,000.00