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Department of Student Welfare

Primary Objectives

The primary objective of Dept. of Student Welfare is to bring about and maintain the welfare of the student's community by not only addressing the concerns of the students and effectively solving their problems but also striving to make students understand their unique capabilities and helping them develop their skills and capabilities. Dept. of Student Welfare fully addresses the academic, social, personal concerns of students via interaction in different forms.

Objectives/ Duties/ Functions

  • Dept. of Student Welfare will look into all matters pertaining to student attendance and submit the recommendations to office for consideration.
  • Will observe that the policies drafted and framed are student-friendly
  • The Student Welfare teachers will be available throughout the working hours to cater to the problems, needs and requirements of students.
  • Will be available throughout the working hours to deal with the parents and satisfactorily look into their issues
  • Student mentoring will be a continous process and D.S.W. will ensure that Mentoring is being carried out in all earnestness.
  • Dept. of Student Welfare will look into the matters of resident life in co-ordination with Dean, Resident Life. Will help in the formation of the student council- student leader body and will guide and allocate duties to student council.
  • Will plan Annual days
  • Will carry our surprise checks for time table execution
  • Will arrange extra remedial classes for students as per their requirement
  • Will conduct regular canteen inspection to check the food quality and will ensure that all eatables are served in hygienic conditions
  • Along with the counselling cell the Dept. of Student Welfare will provide regular counselling to students.
  • The Book Bank under the aegis of Dept. of Student Welfare will provide free syllabus related books to the students throughout the session.
  • Lost of Found cell- This cell provides service to the student community by helping them find their lost items.
  • Will heed to the complaints and concerns of the students along with the Grievance Redressal Cell.
  • Anti ragging Cell of Dept. of Student Welfare will ensure that the campus in Ragging free.
  • Along with Saplings of Life Club, Student Wellness Club, Red Ribbon Club, Swahhchta Club and Stress Buster Club will carry out activities and projects to sensitize students on various environmental, social and women related issues.
  • The Dept. of Student Welfare will ensure that public utilities and other facilities are available to the students.
  • Will plan student scholarship issues along with the scholarship incharge and ensure that students get the maximum benefit of these scholarships.
  • Will Organize regular annual events for the well being of student community like eye-checkup, dental camp, hb test, BP check-up etc
  • Celebrate important national and international days
  • Organise welcome and farewell functions and other functions for the students
  • Ensure keep of notice boards to ensure that all relevant and important information reaches the students.
  • Will provide ample opportunities to the student community which are instrumental in their holistic development.

  • Clubs

    Student Wellness Club

    Going by the Maxim “Healthy mind dwells in a healthy body”, this Cell constantly strives for the wellness and good health of KMVites in general and boarders in particular. Various activities like -Eye-check up camps, Dental camps, BP check up camps, Hb check up camps, Yoga camps organized from time to time to ensure the fitness of college students are regular features. Under KMV-NARCHI collaboration a team of highly qualified doctors from NARCHI visits KMV thrice a week for regular check-up of the students. There is 24-hour medical facility in the hostel.

    Reader's Club

    It is a self-generated, multi-lingual library of the student, by the students and for the students. Readers' Club aims at inculcating love for books in KMVites. Many activities like World Book Day celebration, book reviews, calligraphy competitions, book-mark making competitions, file- folder making competitions, slogan writing, poster making are organised by the members of the Club.

    Red Ribbon Club

    The Club is fully awake to social causes like blood donation, AIDS awareness, adverse affects of drug addiction etc. It organizes blood donation camps annually.

    Stress Buster Club

    In this competitive world of cut-throat competition, the students feel a lot of stress and anxiety. The Stress Buster Club is constantly at work to help students overcome this stress. Yoga training by experts, celebrations of festivals, musical programmes by acclaimed singers and performers, programmes in collaboration with various FM and TV channels are
    organised to relieve students of tension. In this connection lectures to bust examination stress are delivered by experts from time to time.

    Swami Vivekanand Society

    Named after the great visionary, the society makes a keen endeavour to adhere to the tenets of Swami Vivekanand and carries out several activities with the noble intent of spreading the teachings of Swami Vivekanand.


    Counseling Cell

    Counseling cell is a boon for adolescents on the cross-roads of their life. Understading fully the competitive nature of the present age, the college has managed to provide free counselling in one form or the other to deal with problems of students related to adjustment, anaxiety, depression, stress, examination phobia and other related behavioural disorders The faculty members who are a part of counseling cell make themselves available to the students from 9.45 AM to 1.00 PM and provide them counseling career and psychological career counseling helps steer the students towards the right direction.

    Grievance Redressal Cell

    The Student's Grievance Cell has been constituted in the college to promote and maintain a conducive and unprejudiced educational environment. It is a measure to develop a responsive and accountable attitude in the Vidyalaya to ensure that there is no laxity in terms of fair-deal with the students. The main objective of the cell is to ensure effective redressal of student's grienves to solve their academic and administratrive problems with an impartial and fair approach. It acts as a bridge between the college authorities and the students. For this purpose, a complaint/suggestion box has been kept in the office where students can drop in their complaints/suggesitons. Since its establishment, the Grievance Redressal Cell has been continuously striving to solve problems in a rapid and effective manner.

    Cell Against Sexual Harassment

    The Cell againt Sexual Harassment extends reassuring support to the students not not only in the college premises but beyond also. We suggest all preventive measure, if need be and are committed to take recourse to all possible remedial methods.

    Anti Ragging Cell

    Functioning under the aegis of Dept. of Student Welfare, it aims at providing safe, conducive and harmonious environment for higher education at KMV. Although there is no ragging in KMV, yet Anti-Ragging Cell ensures that incidents of bullying and ragging should never occur. Anti Ragging Cell always keeps vigil and is all set to act promptly, if and when required.

    National Graduate Examiantion Cell

    The Cell helps the students for national level tests conducted by Indian Association of Physics Treachers examination testing students in theory and experiment. It includes the individual own's assessment at India level. Students of B.Sc I,II and III having physics as a subject are eligible for the examination. Our under graduate science students compete at national level with UG students of Miranda House (Delhi), St. Stephen's college (Delhi), Punjab University (Patiala), BHU (Varanasi) etc. and bring laurels to the insitutions.

    Student Health Checkup

    Going by the Maxim "Healthy Mind Dwells in a healthy Body", we have facilitated the students with many health check-up camps. A team of accomplished doctors from NARCHI visits the college thrice a week and conduct various check-ups. Faculty members ensure that all the students should get themselves examined and take recourse to medication if essential.

    Lost and Found Cell

    If facilitates student to found their lost items. Anything found by any student is deposited by them in the cell.